We do not support or play denominational divergence, for God did not plan denominations which emerged out of human division but as a member of the universal Church- the body of Christ, we believe in the Holy trinity and unity of faith expressed in one spirit, one body, one Lord, one baptism, one hope, one God and the Father of all who is above all… (Eph.4:4-6).

We believe strongly in the work of the Holy Spirit from the apostolic times unto the present day. Central to our belief is the balanced ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ- teaching/preaching, healing and deliverance (Matt.9:35, Matt.10:1, 7-8).

As a ministry that believes in miracle, we subscribe and approve to the inerrant value of the 5 signs of the believers in Christ as mentioned in Mark 16:17-18.

Most importantly as a people of God, we are very much concerned with carrying out the world wide agenda of our Lord Jesus Christ by moving the gospel to the new frontiers, pushing borders and taking territories in accord with the great commission (Matt.28:19-20, Acts.1:8)

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