Our prison ministry is committed to writing and distributing to prisons in Africa and United States of America our Christian literatures that are geared towards rehabilitation and enhancement in preparation to enter the free world. We will appreciate your support in promoting this ideal and to making our efforts more tangible in encouraging men and women who are incarcerated. Below is an encouraging excerpt from one of our books for prison evangelism.


Dear beloved,

I am writing this letter to expressly encourage you with reference to the flash of intuition I received on 27th day of March 2016 at about 10:45pm being an Easter day celebration. The prompt to write this book on insider prison experience came on the heels of Easter on the date and time stated above with a heavy burden of a question the Lord told me to ask you. He said, I should asked you, why are you in prison?  The question is somewhat rhetoric but the answer can be found as you glean through the pages of this book.

My friend, God has not forsaken you neither is He unaware of what you are going through. All you experience today is in the plan of your life; but don’t rush to ask questions until you make a tour through the pages of this book. I am quite sure you will get an avalanche of answers and solution to some of your basic worries since you were incarcerated.

More so, there is no amount of suffering available today that we have not the history of who have gone through such in the Bible days. You are in a place to grow in faith and endurance. Men are created for success but before that success will get to you there must be chronicles of failures and sufferings that will deliver it to your door step. For every success that is in view, there must be some shades of hurdles to getting there. I salute you beloved because you are on the journey to a huge success but don’t give the devil the chance to break your focus and get you out of the way.

Jesus is waiting on you to receive a crown of success if only you will endure to make it to the finish line. Jesus is the finish line because he is the author and the finisher of our faith in the race of life.

You are blessed beyond today.  Rejoice! Rejoice!! Rejoice!!!

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Okonkwo K

The General Superintendent

Cedar House of Faith Ministries International